How Much Does A 15 Second Commercial Cost

How much does an average radio commercial cost in a large metro market? The cost by average is $130.00 per week on a non selective rotator basis. This may not hold true for all radio media though.

According to Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated, the cost of a single 30-second commercial spot in this year’s Super Bowl is more than $5 million.

The cost for a 30 second advertising commercial on TV truly depends on on what TV station or network it is on. Local television stations usually charges $200 to $1500.

 · Typical Cost: $90 to $2,500 per commercial; $2 million to $3 million if you advertise during the super bowl! rates vary greatly, so before setting a budget, contact your local rep for rates in.

how much they skip or click on ads. YouTube also recently changed its rules so that creators are only paid if viewers watch their videos for more than 30 seconds. The other option is cost-per-click.

Travelocity "Elephants" 15 Second Commercial While the cost to produce a commercial is about the same, the rates for cable television spots are somewhat less than those on basic networks. The average rate for a 30-second spot on the top 15 cable networks was $13,100 as of 2011. Of these networks, ESPN charged the highest rate, at an average of $31,551. TNT ranked second at $16,474.

On average, a 30-second commercial in broadcast prime time for the 2017-18 season costs $134,009, up 6% from $126,333 last season. prime-time viewership, meanwhile, keeps falling.

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Large studios charge anywhere from $100K to $400K or more to produce a 30 second TV ad. Even at $100K that is about $3,000 per second of video compared to $170 per second for a.

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Best Answer: National is too expensive unless you are a major corporation. local cable might go for as low as $50 per 15 seconds but you’d get overnighters and mornings. Radio is more affordable. They have great packages and depending on the station you could get 30 spots for about $500 per week.

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